ramón jiménez cárdenas
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Arranged Displacement

Cast bronze, cast aluminum, rebar, bronze, steel
5’ x 7’ x 3’

These are cast metal objects from my Undergraduate Show. Individually each pedestal studies the entwined relationship of man-made structures with nature. Together they explore how man can adapt and overcome in order to achieve a sense of belonging.

The compositions showcased in these set of buttressed steel pedestals are translated directly from found-sites in places such as unfinished houses. Particularly near the coast of Oaxaca, Mexico where communities live and construct in relation to nature.  If you spend time in this area you will see structures which embody trees to support themselves, and vice-versa, you will see nature blooming off concrete columns in what seems a relationship of mutual gain.

Spring Undergraduate Exhibition
March 10-30
at Sullivan Galleries