ramón jiménez cárdenas
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Cheap Reps

expanding foam, DIY pull up bar, dumbbells, and steel chain
30” x 16” x 10” // 12” x 6” x 6”

Through a Taoist lens, a belief where less is more, both gluttoning and exercising are additive activities, which according to the belief move you further away from ‘the origin’, or in Christian words, ‘salvation’. Through this lens, working out and a ‘[diet] cheat day’ (two activities which are often performed by the same group of people), are regarded as ‘bad’.

Therefore, this project uses a mash-up approach to create odd objects which question man’s need for approval in order to achieve a certain social status. Ordinary Gym equipment, including a DIY pull up bar, stainless steel dumbbells, and a weighted chain are coated in expanding foam due to its grotesque and ‘fat’ visual qualities.