Chicago (two-car garage) studio

2017 - 2019

One electric heater is not enough.
One welder, can't have the heater and the welder on at the same time or the neighbors electricity goes out.

Two tanks: one acetylene, one oxygen.
Got them from Welding Industrial Supply Company, WISCO, on Western and Palmer street.

One dolly, contacted a local steel supplier, and took some rebar they had on stock.
Back and forth: 1.8 miles away.

One vice grip, many jigs.


Summer 19' google street view car goes by.


All I wanted was to tell the universe I am busy.
Doesn't matter on what, with who, or how.
Identity is sculpted by doing:
I won 

I designed a space, it designed me back. This is the only design principle I believe in...

if you force matter into a shape it will shape back.