ramón jiménez cárdenas
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Disturbed Stream
Glazed porcelain, and powder coated ceramic slurry.
21” x 8” x 12“

Over the years the aqueduct in the city of Oaxaca Mexico has been contested and disrupted not only by corruption in local politics but also by the community itself. Roads, staircases, and even houses have been built over and across the aqueduct. These multiple broken sites become an explicit metaphor for how our accessibility to water is sometimes taken for granted. This research lead to rethinking the typology of the straw as a contextual object to explore storytelling.

Relying on a variety of materials and processes, I was able to create several different iterations of the straw. Each material emphasizes a different aspect of the aqueduct. For example… the cast bronze interation of the straw reflects directly on the disruption of the acuaduct over time. The porcelain straw gives the object its function, and makes the user re-evaluate his accessibility to water. The powder coated ceramic shell from the foundry allowed me to further explore form in a final object.

I hope my exploration of the straw allows to rethink accessibility and systems through implied action.