ramón jiménez cárdenas
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Rock for a bullet

rock, bullets
6” x 4” x 4”

Objekt Trauma is often entwined with everyday news. It creates a tangible response to constant threads on justice and human rights. These happenings often surround larger issues of morality and ethics, therefore posing hard questions on positions of power and world leaders.

Excerpt from the Washington Post:
    “Elena Rodriguez was killed Oct. 10, 2012, near a fence along the border separating Arizona and Mexico. Court records say he and others hurled rocks from the Mexican side to the U.S. side to keep border agents distracted while two drug smugglers attempted to cross into Mexico.”    “Swartz fired several shots, killing Elena Rodriguez, who was on Calle Internacional, a street that runs parallel to the border fence and is in Nogales, in the Mexican state of Sonora, the teen’s home town. The teen was shot 10 times, mostly in the back.”

The juxtaposition in the objekt hopes to act as a visual backup for the lawsuit filed against the officer who fired his gun. At a basic human level the case challenges the notion that a U.S. border agent can stick a gun through a hole in a fence and shoot at Mexican kids 20 feet away, with no constitutional consequences. The objekt raises significant questions about whether the U.S. Constitution can be applied extraterritoriality.