ramón jiménez cárdenas
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Shaping the Children’s Future

square drive nails, stained wood, and plastic baseballs
10” x 12” x 10”

This sculptural object explores a research concept of mine I call: Objekt Trauma. We live in a world which is undergoing a humanitarian crisis where people are punished for uncommitted crimes. This particular object hopes to ask, can a human be illegal? Focusing on Trump’s family separation policies, this object shares the look and feel qualities of a Mexican artisanal craft.

The sculpture may chose to operate as a jewelry holder. Which as a functioning object becomes about stability, comfort, and vanity. Qualities which migrants and refugees can’t afford to have. At the same time this object works as the proof that a migrants parent’s sacrifice is worth it because after all the damage thats been done (represented with 2inch long screws), helps keep the structure together.